Project Title

Share, explore, enrich – SEE for better life

Project Goal

The project is aimed at helping students in understanding the importance of cultural heritage, traditions and customs. The importance of learning English, and the importance of developing ICT skills.


1 Sept. 2020 – 31 Aug. 2023


The main objectives of the project are to:

  • develop cultural awareness as one of the key competencies for lifelong learning
  • present your country to the partners
  • get to know other countries, their culture and customs
  • improve English language skills
  • develop digital competencies of students and teachers
  • develop new teaching methods
  • develop new methods of motivating students
  • teach students to work in international groups
  • create a more attractive teaching environment
  • motivate students to read
  • encourage teachers to explore new teaching methods and broaden their horizons
  • enable professional development of school staff

The project will be realised through cooperation with the partner schools owing to a series of joint activities, and the realisation of teacher mobility and international student mobility.


  • Szkola Podstawowa im. Krola Zygmunta Augusta, Poland (lead partner)
  • Elementary school Srdoči, Rijeka
  • Bolaman Ortaokulu, Turky
  • Istituto comprensivo „Casa del fanciullo“, Partinico, Italy
  • Elementary school Gaigalava, Latvia


  • Total project value: EUR 129,130
  • Share of EU funding: EUR  103,304.00

Financed under

Erasmus+, School partnerships – KA229

Official web site of the project


Elementary school Srdoči
Ante Modrušana 33, Rijeka
tel: +385 51 625 950

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