Project Title:

Adriatic Ionian maritime spatial planning (ADRIPLAN)

ADRIPLAN - Adriatic Ionian maritime spatial planning

Project goal:

The basic idea behind this project is tied to the sustainable maritime spatial planning (MSP), and the project is being implemented in the area of the Adriatic – Ionian Macro-region. Within the project information will be collected relating to the present condition of the sea in the Northern Adriatic area, in the Southern Adriatic and in the Northern Ionian Sea. This information will be used as a starting point for adopting MSP, as well as qualified decisions relating to MSP in this area.

Duration: December 2013. – June 2015.

Project partners:

Lead partner:

  • CNR-ISMAR – National Research Council – Institute of Marine Science

Budget of the City of Rijeka: EUR 50,000

Total project value: EUR 1,250,000
Co-financing of the EC: EUR 1,000,000

Financed under:

DG MARE programme

Official website:

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