Following the experience gained through the Digital City Challenge (DCC) project, the City of Rijeka, has been selected among ten mentor cities, that will provide support to other European cities in exploiting the potentials of new technologies for green smart sustainable growth, improving the quality of life and creating new opportunities for citizens.

Project Title:

Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC)

Project Goal:

More than 100 European cities will get support from renowned world professionals – personally, via the Internet and as a community. They will have an opportunity to participate in group training courses and a number of high-level events and plan jointly changes at European level, related to the use of advanced technologies to achieve green, smart and sustainable growth.


The Digital Cities Challenge (DCC) is an initiative launched in October 2017 as part of the COSME programme aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions, an EU advisory body representing interests of European regional and local self-government.

Building on the success of the Digital Cities Challenge, which helped 41 EU cities to create a strategic vision and roadmap for digital transformation, the Intelligent Cities Challenge focuses on implementation of strategies, a common platform for open data, a marketplace for intelligent city solutions, joint investments, new support mechanisms and a new international dimension.

The ICC is part of wider EU support contributing to a European Green Deal, an economy that works for people and a Europe fit for the Digital age.

Key activities

The City of Rijeka has been chosen as a “mentor city” further to the following cities: Aarhus (Denmark), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Espoo, Tampere and Turku (Finland), Hamburg (Germany) and Nice (France).

The experiences and good practice gained by the City of Rijeka will be transferred to other cities by Tatjana Perše, Head of the eGovernment Service, Information Technology Department and Kristina Dankić, programme advisor, Department of Health and Social Welfare.

The ICC programme covers builds upon a cycle of assessment of prioritized issues and needs, vision and roadmap definition, implementation and measurement, with the objective for cities to be transformed in their use of intelligent and advanced technologies. A broad set of city-related themes are targeted by ICC, including mobility, renewable energies, clean industry, green manufacturing, eGovernment, open data, skills and employment, healthcare and safety, re-skilling, crisis management among others.

Cities will be asked to mobilise the top-level leadership in the city, attend ICC conferences and workshops, work to form a standing local intelligent city ecosystem and dedicate human resources from the city and local ecosystem for the execution of this high-priority initiative. On this basis, cities should expect to gain long term, self-sustaining benefits through new perspectives on city’s needs, progress and strengths, learning from and developing collaboration with European and international mentors, efforts to support joint investments and measurable impacts that matter to the citizens.

Duration: 28 Sept. 2020 – 28 Sept. 2022

Official website of the project

For additional information, please contact:

Tatjana Perše, head, eGovernemnt Service
City of Rijeka
Information Technology Department
Tel: 051 209 337

Kristina Dankić, programme advisor
City of Rijeka
Department of Health and Social Welfare
Tel: 051 209 620


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