Project Title:

“Environmental Local Authorities Interbalkan Network” – ELAIN


ELAIN - Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network


Project goal:

The project includes networking of local authorities and organisations dealing with environmental protection in the Balkans, aiming to recognise and resolve common problems within the scope of environmental protection with the view to improving living conditions of local citizens as well as of the inhabitants living in the region, in general, and assuring environmental protection.

Duration: January 2014. – April 2015.

Key activities:

Three local and three joint meetings are predicted to take place within the projects, in which first locally, and then jointly local and national policies and measures will be discussed, focussing on environmental protection awareness and the green economy, together with citizen inclusion in local environmental issues.

Project partners:

  • Environmental Association of Municipalities Athens and Piraeus – PESYDAP
  • City of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Grad Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Grad Niš, Serbia
  • Grad Sofia, Bulgaria
  • East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • City of Tirana, Albania
  • City of Rijeka


Total project value amounts to EUR 55,000

Financed under:

Programme Europe for Citizens

Official website:

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