Project Title

Young Boss – Business Idea Generator for Youngsters with Lesser Opportunities

Project goal

The project is aimed at creating more awareness on (social) entrepreneurial opportunities amongst youngsters with lesser opportunities between 13-17 years old, promoting entrepreneurial behaviour and invigorating the development of entrepreneurial skills and providing practical tools to engage youngsters with lesser opportunities between 13-17 years old in (social) entrepreneurship.


1 November 2021 – 31 January2022

Description and project activities

The project starts with the planning and preparing the Young Boss. In order to make the project a success the foundations of the future programme will be laid in such a way that the preconditions will be explored (intensity, actors, methods, etc.). The project team will consult the youth workers, as well as young people themselves, and based on the conclusions, they will define the learning outcomes and the format of the Young Boss activities.

The second activity includes the development of the Young Boss programme and all the tools necessary for its implementation, after which the entire programme and tools will be implemented and tested with young people in the Netherlands and Croatia. It is planned that the Youth Home (Dom mladih) will implement the designed Programme with young people at risk of poverty and young people from rural areas, while KADO will focus more on young migrants.

The project will be concluded with the creation of promotional videos that will show the entire process of creation, implementation and testing of the Programme. Promotional material will also be created to promote successful entrepreneurs who started their business at a very young age.


  • Stichting Kans & Doen, the Netherlands (project promotor)
  • Dom mladih Rijeka (Youth home)


Total project value : EUR 30,000 (HRK 225.000) (100% funded by EU funds

Financed under

Erasmus +, Key activity 2 – Small-scale partnerships in the field of youth

Contact for more information

Dom mladih Rijeka
Laginjina 15, Rijeka
Tel: +385 51 512 715

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