Project goal: actively include a larger number of young people in the processes of cultural policy formation and in the cultural life of the city in general.



USSUD – Unapređenje studentskog standarda u domeni kulture

Duration: 2012 – 2013

Key activities:
10 workshops were held for students managed by students, two expert roundtables, where renowned professionals not only from Croatia, but also from a wider region, engaged in student culture, gave speeches in front of students and one big public debate where students again presented their views of the current situation and future changes. On the web site of the project e-consultation was held at the same time on culture policies dedicated to young people.

The project resulted in the establishment of the Student Cultural Centre, and the USSUD project continued with the financial support of the City of Rijeka and the University of Rijeka.


  • Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka
  • University of Rijeka


Financed under: Youth in Action Programme

Budget: EUR 10,934.06