Owing to the WiFi4EU project, the City of Rijeka has expanded the existing signal coverage zone of free Internet access to another 11 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Project title


Project goal

Expanding the existing signal coverage zone of free wireless Internet access and thus improving the service available to the citizens of Rijeka, as well as tourists and visitors, since 2007.


Owing to the WiFi4EU project, the City of Rijeka has expanded the existing signal coverage zone of free Internet access to 11 other Wi-Fi hotspots, whereby the WiFi4EU project has been fully integrated into the existing project relating to free wireless Internet access in the City of Rijeka.

The number of hotspots has gone up to a total of 135 and the coverage zone of free wireless Internet is now 310,000 square meters. In addition to the existing coverage area: the downtown area, part of the old city, Trsat, Kantrida swimming complex, Zamet Centre, Kantrida Athletic Hall, “Art-kino Croatia”, the Civic Library, – Reading room , “Stribor” Children’s Library, Filodrammatica, Zamet Branch, the TNC Ivan de Zajc – Kazališni sq., the Civic Museum – Riccardo Zanella Sq., the Astronomy Centre, the Maritime Passenger Terminal and the Bus Terminal, Rijeka Railway Station, Rijeka Clinical Hospital – Children’s Hospital, the Campus, the Croatian Cultural Centre, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, through the WiFi4EU program – the Promotion of Internet connectivity in local communities, the area has been extended to part of Krešimir St. (Art-cinema Croatia – Museum of modern and contemporary art), the Art Quarter, Riječka rezolucija Sq., Kružna St., Children’s Square (Santa Barbara Sq., Šišmiš Sq.) and the Rijeka Pensioners’ Association.

The bandwidth is 200 Mbit / s synchronous, i.e. individually per access point 30 Mbit s for the WIFI4EU network, with restrictions set on the system for content generally considered inappropriate and endangering

What is WiFi4EU?

WiFi4EU is a programme launched by the European Commission in 2018 with the aim of providing high quality free internet access to citizens and visitors through Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas such as parks, squares, administration entities, libraries and health centres throughout the EU.

The WiFi4EU initiative promotes free Wi-Fi access in EU local self-government units for citizens in public spaces such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, health centres and museums. The WiFi4EU initiative aims to provide free high-quality Internet access to citizens and visitors through Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces such as parks, squares, administrations, libraries and health centres across the EU.

The WiFi4EU initiative is available to public sector entities in EU member states and EEA participating countries (Norway and Iceland). Only municipalities (or equivalent local administrations) or associations of municipalities can participate.

Each local self-government unit can use only one voucher during the entire life of the WiFi4EU initiative. Therefore, municipalities that have been awarded a voucher in a previous call for WiFi4EU cannot apply in subsequent calls, but municipalities that have not been successful can try again in subsequent calls.

Wireless networks should provide a high quality user experience. Local self-government units must have a secure internet connection for consumers with the highest speed in their area and a download speed of at least 30 Mbit / s.

Technical specifications of the access points:

  • supports the simultaneous use of two bands (2.4 Ghz – 5 Ghz),
  • has a support cycle of over five years,
  • the mean time between failures (MTBF) is five years,
  • has a single separate and centralized management point for all access points of each WiFi4EU network,
  • supports IEEE 802.1x,
  • complies with IEEE 802.11ac Wave I standard,
  • supports IEEE 802.11r,
  • supports IEEE 802.11k,
  • supports IEEE 802.11v,
  • is able to work with at least 50 users simultaneously without compromising the quality of the service,
  • has at least 2 × 2 plus inputs and outputs (MIMO) technology,
  • complies with the Hotspot 2.0 program (the Wi-Fi Alliance “Passpoint” certification program).

The network SSID is WiFi4EU.

Lead partner and activities promotors

City of Rijeka – Information Technology Department

Financial value of the project and sources of funding

All material costs are 100% funded by the European Commission under the WiFi4EU initiative through vouchers for an amount of 15,000 EUR.

The WiFi4EU voucher is a one-off amount intended solely to cover the costs of equipment and the installation of wireless Internet access points in accordance with the requirements set out in the invitation and in the grant agreement signed by the selected local self-government units.

The main purpose of assigning vouchers is to install access points and ensure their minimum number in accordance with the Grant Agreement signed by the selected local self-government units.

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