Project goal: The project will promote the involvement of unemployed youth in volunteer activities in the non-profit sector, local/regional government where the unemployed youth will have the ability to acquire and improve various competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes and thus increase their employability in the labour market.

Volunteer Centres – Link Between Volunteering and Employability of Youth

Duration: May 2011 – April 2012

Key activities:

  • Volunteer placement & NPO Career Resource Centre
  • Volunteer placement in
    the relevant NPO’s including local/regional authorities
  • Strengthening co-operation between regional volunteer centres and the Croatian Employment Service



  • The Association for Civil Society Development SMART, Rijeka
  • Volunteer Centre Osijek (VCO)
  • Volunteer Centre Zagreb (VCZ)
  • Association “MI” – Split
  • City of Rijeka


Budget: total project value EUR 129,384.40, the City of Rijeka participated in the programme  with EUR 3,500.00

Financed under: IPA programme – Human Resources Development 2004 – 2009 – Youth in the Labour Market