Project Title

HIGH5 for a European flight – Happy, Inclusive, Grateful and Healthy are active citizens of Europe

Project goal

By promoting this project the entity Dječji vrtić Rijeka (Rijeka Kindergarten) wants to develop new methods and strengthen the competencies of all involved participants – children, educators, parents, external associates and society. The objectives that we want to achieve by implementing the project: empower children with fewer opportunities (children with special needs, children of lower social origin, immigrants,…) for greater active participation in everyday life in kindergarten, the local environment and the EU; provide educators with knowledge and competencies for creating a sufficiently stimulating and active environment that would enable them greater participation.


1 Jan. 2022 – 31 Dec. 2023


In both kindergartens included in the project, it has been identified that they need new knowledge when working with children with fewer opportunities who need different approaches to achieve the same goals, additional teaching aids, and strengthening in areas of active participation. An analysis of satisfaction among kindergarten staff has shown that employees who are happy at their workplace, feel trust and respect, are able to share their knowledge and skills. The project will be aimed at boosting satisfaction among employees who will become ambassadors of happiness.

The exchange of good pedagogical practices between the two partners will show the differences between the partners and their common points at which we will cooperatively develop new competencies of educators and (consequently) children.

Envisaged activities covered by the project:

  • Etwinning project
  • Online meetings with children
  • Learning and teaching activities – in Hrastnik Kindergarten and Rijeka Kindergarten
  • Professional excursion
  • Online education in English – Ambassadors of Happiness
  • Participation in local events according to a planned schedule
  • Providing resources to create a sensory room or other materials needed to work with children and staff


  • Dječji vrtić Hrastnik, Slovenia – project co-ordinator
  • Dječji vrtić Rijeka


  • Total project value: EUR 60,000.00 (100% EU funding)
  • Budget of Dječji vrtić Rijeka: EUR 20,000.00

Financed under

Erasmus+, key activity KA210 – small-scale partnerships

Official website

Contact for additional information

Dječji vrtić Rijeka
Veslarska ulica 5, Rijeka
Tel: +385 51 209 945

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