Project Title:

Innovative ecological transport solutions for smart Mediterranean cities

SMart green Innovative urban Logistics for Energy efficient Mediterranean cities (SMILE) SMILE – Smart green Innovative urban logistics for energy efficient Mediterranean cities

Project goal:

Improving energy efficiency on urban transport in Mediterranean cities. In addition to promoting the Rijeka transport corridor, part of the funds will be used for the preparation of project documentation, i.e. the development of transport models tied to public urban transport.

Project duration: 1 November 2012 – 30 April 2015

Key activities:

Modelling, measuring and evaluating public transport systems in urban areas and needs and performance by adapting and improving existing models, such as the CityGoods model in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, defining strategies, plans and measures for innovative and energy efficient solutions in urban areas that can be transferred to other centres. Testing logistics solutions of smart cities by developing pilot activities.


Total project value: 1,622,533.00 EUR

Budget of the City of Rijeka: 100,000.00 EUR

Funded under:

MED program (transnational Mediterranean programme)

Official website:

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