The representatives of the City of Rijeka took part in the activity of the task force for e-Inclusion at the Knowledge Society Forum organised within Eurocities, network of major European cities. The goals set by the Form and the task force for e-Inclusion are aimed at enabling every citizens to benefit from new technology conveniences.

The e-Inclusion projectThe e-Inclusion project was implemented in 2007 and 2008. The Task Force for e-Inclusion  was chaired by the Municipality of the Hague and vice-chaired by the City of Birmingham.



The goals of the Task Force:

Realisation of “the information society for all” and promotion of e-Inclusion in order to:

  • enable every person who wishes so to be entirely included in the information society, in spite of individual or social difficulties
  • use new technology with the aim of promoting inclusion and social cohesion
  • offer personalised approach towards new technology and surpass limitations or divisions, taking into account the differences, propensities and requests of an individual
  • offer support to cities, in the realisation of e-Inclusion through the activities that they are engaged in
    – Digital competencies
    – Social and cultural inclusion
    – Inclusive e-Government
  • develop recommendation for the policies that enable the development of an inclusive knowledge society.

Task force members:

In addition to Rijeka, the Hague and Birmingham, the following cities also took part in the activity of the task force: Antwerp, Bologna, Ghent, Kingston-upon-Hull, Rotterdam, Sunderland, Tallinn, Turin and Vienna.

More information about the project:

Europe’s Information Society – e-Inclusion: Be part of It!

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