Project Title:
Soft Control – SC

Project goal:

Soft Control Project is planned as a multi-annual cultural project aimed at actualising culture phenomena which are emergent when art, science and public awareness are interconnected. It focuses on the intertwining of different cultural areas and science, by comparing and sharing cultural models of critical thinking, research and activism.

Duration: June 2012. – May 2015.

Key activities:

Soft Control - SCWith the participation of artists, scientists and theoreticians, through workshops, exhibitions and various discursive forms, the project aims to include the general public.
Thorough this project the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Rijeka will analyse the notion of public monuments, their past and contemporary formations, the attitude of the government and society in general towards them. The contents will be exposed through exhibitions, artists’ talks, artistic residencies, symposia, workshops etc. Within the project the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will realise public interventions and exhibitions within the museum programme.


Total project budget: EUR 1.508,546,00
EU funding: EUR 754.273,00
Project value relating to the MMCA: EUR 160.000,00
Participation of the City of Rijeka: HRK 165.000,00

Funded under: Culture Programme

Official website:

More about the project:

  • Spajalica/Copula – a series of art interventions in public space
  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka


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