Project Title

Drenova Social centre

Project goal

The project titled the Drenova Social Centre is aimed at strengthening civil society organisations for a quality contribution to the overall local development in order to enrich the social and cultural life of the local community and establish a social centre led by the local community.


17 November 2020 – 17 November 2022

Competent authority

Office for Non-Governmental Organisations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, within the public invitation ” Participation Spaces – Development of a Revitalisation Programme for Public Premises through Partnership between CSOs and Local Communities”

Project description

Association “Without Borders” is working on the development of the Drenova Social Centre for the use of those potentials in quarters that can become the driving force of the development of neighborhood culture. By developing the project and its components (Drenova Homeland Museum, future Border Museum, a laboratory for research of new technologies and autochthonous ecosystems), which after a design phase would became technology-marked interactive space that preserves and presents heritage, but also performs functions of local small co-working space, place of residence and exchange of ideas and experiments. The ideas of Drenova associations are grouped according to possible development scenarios and ultimately imply the creation of a new space for the community that expands not only to the neighborhood of Drenova, the city of Rijeka but creates space for potential European cooperation in several directions.

The City of Rijeka, as a project partner, provides for use the building at the addresses Drenovski put 138 and 138A as well as the belonging yard behind the building for the purpose of performing the programme the Drenova Social Centre. The project envisages investment in the reconstruction of worn out parts of the building, which will significantly improve the construction and energy quality of the building. The expected amount of investment in the building at Drenova is a maximum of 40% of the approved amount of funds.

The realisation of the planned Drenova Social Center contributes to the realisation of strategic goals from the Strategy of Cultural Development of the City of Rijeka 2013-2020, through the fulfilment of objective 6 – Support for the development of independent culture, 7 – Encouraging the development of cultural and creative industries and 12 – Strengthening the arts in public spaces.


  • Association “Without Borders”, Rijeka (leading partner)
  • SMART, Association for Civil Society Development
  • Association for the Development and Promotion of the cornel cherry
  • City of Rijeka.


  • Total value: HRK 989,150.74 (100% funded by the EU)

Financed under

Structural Funds – European Social Fund – Operational Program Effective Human Resources 2014-2020

For more information, please contact

Without Borders, Rijeka
Drenovski put 138a, 51000 Rijeka

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