Project Title

Accepto – Accepting yourself and accepting the others

Project goal

Activities related to the prevention of peer bullying, with the aim of finding activities through which students get to know and accept themselves and others around them.


1 Sept. 2014 – 31 Aug. 2016


The task of the teams of students and teachers is to acquaint their neighbourhood with the problem of peer bullying and contribute with their activities to a better understanding of the problem of peer bullying. The goal is to find activities through which students get to know and accept themselves and others around them.

Project goals

  1. To promote a successful partnership in order to provide a more attractive education and training while working on the topic of bullying, cyberbullying and self-esteem in the frame of each school curricula
  2. To develop students’ and teachers’ key competences and skills such as: foreign languages skills, digital/ICT competences, project management and entrepreneurship skills while working on the project topics
  3. To raise students’ understanding of  the phenomenon /types of bullying and making them develop a responsible  behaviour by involving in the prevention and finding of effective solutions
  4. To promote students’ interest for developing a healthy self-esteem attitude
  5. To determine teachers’ acquiring of innovative and modern pedagogical approaches thus contributing to improving the students’ school and personal accomplishment
  6. To improve students’ motivation for learning with the help of interesting and less conventional activities of the project


  • Scoala gimnaziala “Mihai Eminescu” Roman, Romania
  • Elementary school “Kozala”, Rijeka
  • Instituto Comprehensivo di Gatteo, Italy
  • Associazzione IFOS – Cento Studi per la Famiglia, L`infanzia e l`adolescenza di Cagliari, Italy
  • 1st Gymnasium of Markopoulo, Greece
  • Orebro Kommun and school Olaus Petrischol, Sweden
  • Rigas valid Avotina pamatskola – attistibas centrs, Latvia
  • Escola Secundaria Manuel Cargaleiro, Amora, Portugal
  • Institut celesti Bellera, Granollers, Spain


Total project value: EUR 101,465.00 (100% EU funding)

Financed under

Erasmus+, key activity KA2 – Strategic Partnership Projects for Schools

Official website

Contact for more information

ES Kozala
Ante Kovačića 21, Rijeka
tel: +385 51 516 997

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