Project Title:

Emigration – Yesterday and Today


Emigration - Yesterday and Today


Project goal:

Mutual acquaintance of project participants from different European cities, twinned with the City of Rijeka in order to exchange their opinions and experiences on the topic of the European Union and emigration, and develop their own ideas about the European background while respecting mutual differences.

Duration: 11 to 15 May 2009

Key activities:

The project gathered 15 participants from abroad (from sister cities Ljubljana, in Slovenia and Bourgas in Bulgaria) and 33 domestic participants, high-school students – debaters and their mentors. The programme was organised in Rijeka and at the castle Stara Sušica. Further to the debate tournament addressing the topic of migration in Europe, thematic lectures, team-building games, entertainment programmes, a reception and a programme at the City Hall, a visit to the City Museum and other activities were organised for the participants.


  • City of Rijeka – Department of Education and Schooling and Department of Culture
  • Youth Centre Rijeka
  • Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka
  • Rijeka Civic Museum


Total project budget EUR 5,533

Financed under the programme:

Europe for Citizens– Thematic gatherings of twinned cities

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