Project goal: Creating new employment opportunities for women who, due to changes in the structure of the economy, were excluded from the labour market through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in providing care for children and elderly people.

Helping hand

Helping hand – Building competence of women for taking professional care of children and elderly people

Duration: October 2010 – October 2011


  • Croatian Employment Service
  • Porin, regional development agency
  • “Portić”, vocational association for the promotion of children’s welfare
  • City of Rijeka – Department of education and schooling


Key activities:

  • Selecting long-term unemployed women, unemployed women over 40 years of age
    and inactive women
  • Creating educational programmes and theoretical education of the selected women
  • Work practice and mentorship
  • Employment
  • Encouraging changes to legislation
  • Project promotion


Total value: EUR 165,357
EU grant: 80%

Funded under: IPA IV – Human Resources Development – Women in the Labour Market

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