Project TEMPUS is aimed at linking cities with their ports and at creating a new area for social life that will encourage creative entrepreneurship, as well as, entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of culture and tourism.


During project life, project partners will implement three pilot projects in Rijeka and in other Adriatic ports, in order to encourage the valorisation of this space and regenerate it for new users.

On the long run, the project aims to encourage economic development on the basis of the valorisation of the hidden tangible and intangible heritage of ports, including archaeological background and natural context, starting from activities aimed at temporary use.


  • Valorisation of cultural heritage of city ports that will encourage renovation and revitalisation of historical buildings and places
  • Encouraging minor-scale financial interventions that will create linkages between culture, entrepreneurs, society and values
  • Creating new city contents that will attract tourists beyond the normal tourist offer
  • Dissemination of entrepreneurial culture and encouragement of entrepreneurial initiatives that are based on sustainable tourism
  • Creation of a new community dedicated to sustainable development of Adriatic port heritage in order to generate new economic development by including this heritage.

Project partners:

  • Institute for Construction Technologies – National Research Council of Italy, lead partner, Italy
  • N.A. National confederation of handcrafts and of SMEs – Territorial association of Ravenna, Italy
  • Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Italy
  • CERTIMAC – Building materials certification, Italy
  • Rijeka development agency “Porin”
  • Public institution RERA s.d. for coordination and development of the Split and Dalmatia County
  • Town of Solin
  • The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral
  • City of Rijeka

Project duration: 1 Jan. 2019 – 31 June 2021 (30 months)

Financed under: Interreg Italy – Croatia programme


  • Total project value: 2,706,920.00 €
  • EU grant: 2,300,882.00 €
  • Budget of the City of Rijeka: 188,980.00 €

Project website:

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