Project title

InAMath – An interdisciplinary approach to mathematical education

Project goal

The project is aimed at designing and making available a package of different measures that once the project has been completed, will result in a greater representation of the interdisciplinary approach in mathematics teaching.


1 September 2020 – 28 February 2023


A consortium of partners will design an interdisciplinary approach to mathematics that will link mathematics to other areas of life with the use of ICT tools. In cooperation with several experts in different fields of science, scientists with experience in science popularization and experts in education, activities based on an interdisciplinary approach to mathematics teaching will be designed.

The developed methods, activities, and materials will be for use in the school teaching process and in extracurricular activities. Within the project, at least 10 interdisciplinary activities for each of the first four grades of primary school will be designed and each activity will be performed with school students. For each activity, a scenario will be written. The scenarios are primarily intended for schoolteachers and provide detailed instructions for the preparation and implementation of activities. The scenarios will be published in an open and online accessible course within the moodle-based learning management system.

The project also envisages activities aimed at educating teachers and future teachers in order to prepare them for the challenges posed by modern society. The designed online course will also serve as self-training for teachers and future teachers on how to design and implement interdisciplinary activities in the classroom and will include interactive materials for working with ICT tools that can be used in designing and implementing activities with students.

The activities planned to develop within the project introduce innovative methods of teaching mathematics to lower elementary school students, which, in addition to teaching mathematics, develop critical and analytical thinking, creativity and autonomy of students, digital literacy.


  • University of Rijeka – Department of Mathematics (Lead Partner)
  • Elementary school Nikola Tesla, Rijeka
  • Centre of Technical Culture, Rijeka
  • Osnovna šola heroja Janez Hribar Stari trg pri Lozu, Slovenia
  • University of Mostar, BiH
  • Univerza na Primorskem, Slovenia
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia


  • Total project value: EUR 197,050.00
  • EU co-financing: EUR 157,640.00

Financed under

Erasmus +, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships projects (KA201) for School Education).

Official site


University of Rijeka
Department of Mathematics

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