Project goal: enable people aged 65+, suffering from mental and behavioural disorders better availability of social and medical services, in order to improve the quality of life of the target group.

INclusive INtroduction of INtegrated CAre (INCA)

Duration: January 2014 – duration 36 months

Key activities:

  • setting up a local task force that gathers all service providers from the field of health and social welfare;
  • drawing up a protocol, namely a list of all the services that will be included in the application, where all the institutions in one place could reach available information on all health and social services for the welfare of the target group;
  • a promotional and information campaign intended for elderly people, where this project will build on some already existing services, such as PC-s in seniors’ clubs. Within the campaign meetings and workshops will be held tackling the ways how to maintain good mental health.

Budget of the City of Rijeka: EUR 307,000.00

Financed under: CIP programme (programme dedicated to strengthening competitiveness and innovation)

Official website:


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Presented the results of the implementation of civic education in primary schools

The evaluation of the implementation of civic education in primary schools in Rijeka has shown that pupils positively respond to civic education classes, and what is particularly important, they have changed their attitudes towards rights and duties, cooperation, respect for others and tolerance towards others who are different. These words were said during the meeting of the Board of Mayor.

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