Priorities and measures of the first strategic goal

Development of the Rijeka traffic corridor

  • Construction of transport infrastructure
  • Integral management of the Rijeka traffic corridor

Logistic integration of entrepreneurs within the Rijeka traffic corridor

  • Strengthening clusters in logistics and maritime industries
  • Global promotion and international cooperation

City of Rijeka – integration function of transport systems

  • Coordination of transport entities
  • Sustainability of the public urban transport system

Projects within the first strategic goal

  • The construction of the Zagreb pier container terminal will enable docking of the largest container ships of a draft up to 18 m, whereby the port of Rijeka will become more competitive and will significantly increase its TEU capacity.
  • By constructing D-403, the Zagreb pier container terminal will be connected to the bypass and Zvonimir street, thus enabling the opening of a new western entrance to the city centre.
  • By constructing a double track railway from Delnice to Šapjane that will pass through Rijeka a possibility will open up to introduce a fast city railway line.
  • Introduction of the fast city railway line will unburden and improve public transport in the city.
  • The City takes part in the modernisation of Rijeka Airport, assisted by its strategic partner, whereby the competitiveness of Rijeka Airport will enhance.
  • The City takes part in the realisation of the business and logistic zones Miklavje and Škrljevo, whereby indirectly helping create more jobs in the territory of Rijeka.
  • The City takes part in the construction of a marina within the port Baroš area with accompanying facilities, whereby this part of the city will be transformed into an attractive zone.
  • The city takes part in the construction of the Delta zone as a new area dedicated to citizens, thus responding to the needs for public facilities, hotels, a congress centre, flats and business premises in this new city centre.
  • by constructing the “West Žabica” complex, “Žabica – Mlaka” tunnel and the Railway Station bus and rail transport will be regulated, which realisation will be enabled through EU-funds
  • The construction of public garages in the zones Žabica and Gomila will enrich the city’s parking infrastructure.
  • By reconstructing the Rijeka breakwater new facilities dedicated to citizens and tourists will be offered.
  • By removing cars from Adamić Pier and from the waterfronts, downtown Rijeka will get a new pedestrian zone.
  • By removing the railway embankment in the Školjić zone conditions will be in place to reconstruct this zone and move the garage of Autotrolej to a new location.
  • The construction of  roundabouts in feasible locations (Plumbum, Martinkovac, crossroad Prvomajska – Osječka), will improve traffic fluidity and will save time.
  • By constructing a cable car in Trsat an additional option of public city transport will be available that will be used in particular to connect in a faster way the University Campus and the city centre.
  • By strengthening the role of the logistics cluster of the Rijeka traffic corridor conditions will be in place for the promotion of the entire project package that the Rijeka traffic corridor implies.
  • By further introducing gas buses in public city transport, this activity will transform into an energy efficient and environmentally acceptable system.
  • By encouraging and co-financing energy efficient programmes project realisation will continue including, for instance, installation of photo voltaic panels for electricity generation and the construction of cogeneration plants.
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