The Local Self-government Committee monitors the work of local self-government bodies, proposes measures to the City Council to improve the work of local self-government, it considers proposals given by local board councils and gives its opinion to the City Council, and proposes to the City Council activities falling within the scope of local self-government of the City of Rijeka of importance for local boards that could be entrusted to local boards, it considers draft decisions whereby conducting elections for members of local board councils and others, proposals of acts important for the development and functioning of local self-government, it proposes to the City Council to name or rename streets and squares.

  • Josip Ostrogović, president
  • Kristian Starčić, vice president


  • Marino Mataija,
  • Zoran Šalov,
  • Dragan Grgić.


Committee contacts:

Committee secretary
Vinko Randić
Tel: 051 209 477

Administrative clerk responsible for preparing Committee session
Ines Pece
Tel:  051 209 541
Fax:  051 209 537

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