The scope of the Committee for the Economy and the Development of the City of Rijeka includes activities related to the economic development strategy of the City of Rijeka, the development of entrepreneurship, capital investments of relevance to the City of Rijeka, and providing conditions for new investments and the improvement of economic relations with foreign countries.

  • Nikola Ivaniš, president
  • Bruno Pavlović, vice president 


  • Neda Eleta-Barišić,
  • Ana Marković,
  • Saša Jurešić,
  • Ivan Mencer,
  • Vedran Jakominić

Committee contacts:

Committee Secretary
Neda Suvajac
Tel: +385 51 209 942

Administrative clerk responsible for preparing Committee sessions
Ines Pece
Tel:  +385 51 209 541
Fax:  +385 51 209 537

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