The National Minorities Committee considers the activities of the councils and representatives of national minorities and associations and societies of national minorities, considers issues related to exercising the rights of national minorities, assesses the degree of exercise of the rights of national minorities, proposes measures to improve the position of national minorities, considers proposals of decisions and other acts adopted by the City Council, which regulate issues of importance for national minorities, proposes forms of support for the activities of national minorities and their associations and performs other tasks determined by the Rules of Procedure and acts of the City Council.

  • Nadja Poropat, president
  • Mensur Ferhatović, vicepresident


  • Luka Bešlić, 
  • Sanda Trenevska-Hreljac,
  • Iva Rinčić, 
  • Mile Opačić, 
  • Valter Štefan.


Committee contacts:
Committee secretary

Vesna Jurković
Telefon: 051 209 526

Administrative clerk responsible for preparing Committee sessions:
Daniela Pešov
Tel:  051 209 694

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