Citizens and media representatives are allowed to attend Council sessions. In addition to this, Council sessions are transmitted live via the city web site. An insight into archival documentation and materials is enabled upon request.

Transparency in the Rijeka City Council has been laid down by the Rules of Procedure of the City of Rijeka.

Among others, it lays down that the council sessions are public and that the presence of the public at a Council session or its part or its working body meetings may be excluded only in exceptional cases, envisaged by special laws and acts of the City of Rijeka.

Presence of media representatives at Council sessions

Moreover, media representatives are allowed to follow the activity of the Council and its working bodies, and be present at these bodies’ meetings and inform the public on their activity. In order to inform the public more completely and accurately about the Council and its working bodies activities, official communications may be released, interviews given and media conferences held.

Aiming to provide City Council transparency, documentation pertaining to Council sessions shall be timely submitted to the media and their representatives will be provided with adequate conditions allowing them to follow the Council activity.

The notice whereby convoking the Council session with a proposed agenda and documentation to be discussed at the Council session are published on the website of the City of Rijeka.

Electronic media may directly broadcast Council sessions and its working bodies meetings in accordance with a special decision.

Council transparency is achieved by publishing data relating to the Council activity on the website of the City of Rijeka, in accordance with technical and other possibilities, in communication between Council and working bodies’ members and citizens.

The City of Rijeka enables live broadcasts of the City Council sessions via the city website, and after every session, the vide recording of the session is permanently available.

Citizens’ presence at Council sessions

Citizens and up to a maximum of three representatives of interested legal entities, have the right to be present at Council sessions.

Citizens and legal entities shall announce their presence or attendance of their representatives at a Council session in writing at the latest three days before holding the meeting.

Insight into documentation

All materials related to the items on the agenda to be discussed at sessions, as well as any conclusions and decisions taken shall be published on the website of the City of Rijeka.

An insight into Council documentation and archival materials and other materials relating to the Council activity is enabled to any legal entities and natural persons pursuant to their request, in accordance with law and acts of the City of Rijeka that regulate the right of access to information.

The mentioned requests shall be submitted to the Information officer.


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