Project Title

Renewal of heating system in the City of Rijeka (KK.

Project Goal

The project is aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the heating system and the reliability of heat supply in the city of Rijeka by investing in the modernisation of production plants (heating plants) and the distribution network with a gradual transition to energy efficient district heating.


1 March 2021 – 31 August 2023 (at the latest until 31 Dec. 2023)

Competent authority

Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds as the Management Body

Key project activities:

  • Renewal of the existing heat distribution network, i.e. reconstruction of 7.9 km of the existing heat distribution network.
  • Construction of a new connecting heat distribution network, i.e. construction of 2.5 km of a new heat distribution network, which would connect 3 heating systems in the eastern part of the city into a single system (Gornja Vežica, Vojak and Donja Vežica) and 3 heating systems in the western part of the city (Malonji, Zamet, Krnjevo) also into a unique system. The Srdoči system will remain, due to the distance, a separate heating system.
  • Reconstruction of 4 existing production heat plants, which includes the reconstruction of the heating plants Gornja Vežica, Malonji and Srdoči where it is planned to install cogeneration plants for simultaneous production of heat and electricity and solar collectors for the production of heat from renewable sources. In the Zamet heating plant, it is planned to replace the existing medium fuel oil boilers with a modern condensing gas boiler room. In addition, complete automation of the mentioned heating plants is planned so that they can be remotely controlled and managed. Also, in order to optimise heat production and reduce costs in heating plants where cogeneration units will be installed, heat storage tanks will be installed. They allow constant operation of cogeneration units during the day in order to produce energy in the optimal mode.

Project results:

  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the amount of 18%, and removal of SO2 from production.
  • Improving efficiency to optimize production and reduce distribution losses.
  • In total, almost 95% of the heat distribution network will be renewed, with 26% or 3.8 km already renewed with the existing EBRD loan in the period 2015-2018, 16% of the new network was built as part of the University Campus project, while 53% or 7.9 km will be renewed by this project. The remaining 5% or 0.9 km of the network is in good condition without major losses and is scheduled for reconstruction in the next medium term. Finally, after reconstruction and optimisation with the construction of additional 2.5 km of connecting heating pipelines, the planned length of the heat distribution network will be OVERALL 17.4 km
  • Switching all heating plants to natural gas as the main energy source while retaining fuel oil as a reserve in exceptional cases if needed (in case of problems with gas supply, overhauls, etc.). The project will enable the production of more than 50% of thermal energy from high-efficiency cogeneration and renewable energy sources according to the most rigorous applicable standards as laid down in EU directives for the systems covered by the renewal.
  • Complete renovation of the system without increasing costs for users or burdening the City budget.
  • Preparing the system for increasing integration of renewable energy sources in the future, all in accordance with the EU “green plan”.
  • 24-hour operation of all heating plants in the system.

Project promotor

  • Energo d.o.o.


  • Total project value: HRK 112,270,986.39
  • Overall eligible  project costs: HRK 106,924,107.46
  • Amount of EU co-financing/grant: HRK 83,893,707.80 (78,46%)

Financed under

Structural Funds – European Regional Development Fund – Operational programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020”, through the Integrated territorial investment mechanism (ITI mechanism) within the Rijeka Urban Agglomeration.

Official website of the project

Contact for further information

Energo d.o.o.
Dolac 14, 51000 Rijeka
tel.: +385 (0)51/353-006

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