Project Title


Project Goal

The Ecosteam project encourages cooperation between cities, utility companies and high schools with the aim of environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change.


1 January 2023 – 31 June 2025

Project summary

The aim of the Ecosteam project is to bring European/global policies related to the environment, manners of water, waste, energy and transport management in cities, data and tools serving to fight climate change (UN Sustainable Development Goals, UNESCO Program to 2030, European Green Plan).

Educational resources developed with the STEAM approach and based on open data aim to stimulate behavioural change, increase student engagement in climate change issues, and encourage entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving attitudes.

Secondary schools are crucial in developing competences related to sustainability and the fight against climate change and the transition to a circular and greener economy.

On the other hand, topics such as water, waste, energy and transport can be a valuable and visible mediator in connecting global sustainability strategies with everyday life and facilitating the understanding of complex concepts through concrete examples and practices directly related to our daily actions such as turning off the tap, turning off lights, separating waste or choosing recyclable products, using energy efficiently, choosing to walk, ride a bike, use public transport instead of private transport, etc.


  • Confservizi Cispel Toscana, Italy (project promotor)
  • Major Cities of Europe IT Users Group, EU
  • Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche, Italy
  • Israel Smart Cities Institute, Israel
  • Glyfada municipality, Greece
  • Liceo Galileo, Italy
  • High School of Electrical Engineering and Computing Rijeka, Croatia
  • City of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Glyfadfa 2. High school, Greece
  • Prisma epe, Greece

Financed under

Erasmus+  Key Action 2 –Partnerships for Cooperation

Contract No: 2022-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000088700


  • Total budget: EUR 400,000.00 (100% EU funding)
  • Budget of the City of Rijeka: EUR 26,400.00

Official website of the project

Contact persons for additional information

Tatjana Perše, senior adviser – co-ordinator for electronic government

Tajana Jukić Neznanović, senior adviser to the mayor – energy specialist

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