Gender equality shall mean that women and men are equally present in all spheres of public and private life, that they have equal status, equal opportunities to exercise all their rights and equal benefit from the achieved results.

Legal grounds and ensuring the implementation of the Act

The legal grounds for the protection and promotion of gender equality are laid down by the  Gender Equality Act.

The implementation of the Gender Equality Act and other regulations relating to gender equality are monitored by the  Gender Equality Ombudswoman.

The Gender Equality Office is responsible for carrying out professional and administrative duties that relate to the realisation of gender equality in the Republic of Croatia.

The Gender Equality Committee of the Rijeka City Council, operates at the representative body level.

Pursuant to the Gender Equality Act, discrimination is not allowed in the following fields:

  • employment and labour
  • education
  • political participation
  • media
  • statistics
  • goods and services

Moreover, the Ombudswoman shall monitor the implementation of the Act in the following fields :

  • health care
  • domestic violence

Gender Equality Protection

The associations that are engaged in gender equality protection:

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