Exemption from the obligation of paying utility rates :

Who can get assistance?

War invalids (Croatian Homeland War military invalids and the closest family members of deceased, interned or missing Croatian Homeland War defenders) are exempt from paying the utility fee for the space in which they live regardless of their housing status (owners or beneficiaries of a living space) and other life circumstances (e.g. ownership, monthly income).

Furthermore a household that is a beneficiary of the guaranteed minimum compensation provided by the Social Welfare Centre Rijeka or a household whose monthly average income over the last three months is lower than the income limit set by the City of Rijeka is exempt from paying the utility rate.

How to get assistance?

In order to get this type of assistance, requests should be submitted at the counter hall of the City of Rijeka, at the address: Titov trg 3, counters 4 and 5 on working days from 8:30 to 15:30 h.

The reimbursement of housing costs is realised by reducing the bill of the company that has issued it or by making payment into the citizen’s personal bank account. The right to the reimbursement of the utility fee is valid, as a rule, for one year, from the date of its approval, thereafter citizens may again apply for this assistance, (the right of war invalids is permanent).

During the procedure of recognising and realising the right facts and circumstances may undergo changes (for instance number of family members may change or the address) that must be timely communicated to the Health and Social Welfare Department by the applicant or the beneficiary.

Through e-Adviser, social programme of the City of Rijeka, citizens may get to know whether they can become beneficiaries of this type of assistance and how to get it.


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