The City of Rijeka provides assistance to socially disadvantaged citizens by partially reimbursing monthly rental costs (50% of the rental agreed with the lessor, or up to a maximum amount of HRK 1,000) or by partially reimbursing monthly costs of the freely agreed lease of an apartment owned by a natural person (the so-called sublease) in the amount of HRK 500 and more, according to the requirement that someone satisfies and the number of his/her family members.

Some citizens are entirely exempted from monthly costs of waste transport, from payment of the utility rate, payment of the consumption of 5 cubic meters of water per month for each family member, from the discharge of 5 cubic meters monthly of waste water for each member of the household or from the discharge and transport of up to 12 cubic meters of waste water annually from septic tanks and collection wells, and from the consumption of gas entirely or partially (50%).

For some citizens, the City reimburses the costs of distributed heating energy (50% of the variable part of monthly costs) if they use central heating.

Through e-Adviser, social programme of the City of Rijeka, citizens may get to know whether they can become beneficiaries of any type of assistance and how to submit a request.



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