At the Soup Kitchen of the City of Rijeka, needy citizens can get free meals every day. Meals are various and contain optimum energetic values. Citizens may take meals daily (during weekends packed lunch boxes are prepared that are taken on Friday) at lunchtime in the premises of four clubs for the elderly: Potok, Belveder, Zamet and Pećine that operate within the Kantrida Nursing Home, Rijeka) as long as they need such assistance. Meals are prepared by the city association of the Red Cross Rijeka, while their wholesomeness is guaranteed by the Educational Public Health Institute of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County.

Who can receive assistance?

All household members who obtain the right to the guaranteed minimum compensation payable by the Social Welfare Centre Rijeka can get assistance.

How to realise assistance?

In order to get this type of assistance, requests should be submitted to the Social Welfare Centre Rijeka, at the address: Laginjina 11a.

During the recognition process or right realisation, relevant facts and circumstances may undergo changes (e.g. change in the number of household members, address), that must be timely communicated to the Health and Social Welfare Department by the applicant or the beneficiary.

Through e-Adviser, social programme of the City of Rijeka, citizens may get to know whether they can become beneficiaries of any type of assistance and how to submit a request.


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