To socially disadvantaged citizens, the City of Rijeka reimburses partially (50%) or entirely (100%) the costs of urban public transport within the first zone for one household member (with the exception of high school students, university students, persons who have the right to the compensation of urban transport costs on the basis of a special requirement [war invalids], the requirement relating to the degree of physical or mental disability or the requirement of blood donation and to persons over 65 years of age).

To a certain number of high school and university students the City entirely reimburses transport costs (zone 1 – 4, where public transport services are carried out by the utility company  Autotrolej) depending on the residence address and school or faculty addresses that the pupil/student attends.

To certain categories of  war invalids, to people with physical or intellectual disabilities and blood donors,  the costs of urban public transport are fully reimbursed for all zones.

Certain categories of people over the age of 65 are entitled to a free annual bus pass which is valid for an unlimited number of bus rides in all zones and on all lines where transport services are provided by the utility company Autotrolej.

Through e-Adviser, social programme of the City of Rijeka, citizens may get to know whether they can become beneficiaries of any type of assistance and how to submit a request

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