This service includes organising meals (purchase and delivery of prepared meals to the beneficiary’s doorstep), carrying out housework (purchase of groceries, help in preparing meals, washing the dishes, apartment cleaning, firewood delivery, organising washing and ironing linen, buying medicines and other products, etc.), maintaining personal hygiene (help when undressing and dressing, bathing, and in carrying out anything else tied to personal hygiene) and in meeting any other daily needs.

To citizens who need this assistance and who are unable to obtain it in another way, this service will be available as long as they need it. The City of Rijeka settles partially or entirely service costs instead of them in favour of the Kantrida Nursing Home in Rijeka or in favour of the city association of the Red Cross, Rijeka that provide such services to citizens.

Who can receive assistance?

People who due to old age, temporary or permanent changes in health conditions or due to physical, mental, intellectual or tactile impairments need another person’s help in meeting daily needs, and furthermore achieve the right to disability allowance payable by the Social Welfare Centre Rijeka, or members of households that obtain the right to guaranteed minimum compensation payable by the Social Welfare Centre Rijeka or households with average monthly income over the last three months that is below the income threshold determined by the City of Rijeka for a single number of household members (threshold for a household composed of a single member HRK 3,162; for a household composed of two members HRK 3,987; for a household composed of three members HRK 5,362; for a household composed of four members HRK 6,875; households with more members + HRK 962 for each additional member).

In order to obtain this right, additional conditions are as follows: the person that needs assistance has not alienated (e.g., sold, donated) an immovable property item over the last year, that his/her parents, guardians, children, cohabiting or life partner are not able to provide help at home, and that they have not agreed lifelong maintenance and is unable to fully realize the right to the help at home service with the Social Welfare Center Rijeka.

How to realise assistance?

In order to get this type of assistance, requests should be submitted to the Social Welfare Centre Rijeka.

During the recognition process or right realisation, relevant facts and circumstances may undergo changes (e.g. change in the number of household members, address), that must be timely communicated to the Health and Social Welfare Department by the applicant or the beneficiary.

Through e-Adviser, social programme of the City of Rijeka, citizens may get to know whether they can become beneficiaries of any type of assistance and how to submit a request.

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