The project in the function of ensuring competitive freight shipping services of appropriate quality from the port of Rijeka.

Significance of the project

The Botovo – Zagreb – Rijeka high-efficiency railway line and its connection to the European railways network has the purpose of ensuring competitive freight shipping services of appropriate quality from the Port of Rijeka. The connection with the EU high-speed railway network will also create enormous opportunities for passenger transport.

High-Efficiency Railway Line Botovo – Rijeka


The railway in the territory of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County passes across the territory of several local self-government units

Ownership: state and private

Project type: Transport infrastructure

Project promotor: HŽ Infrastruktura

Estimated value of the project: EUR 4,732,000,000

Construction of the railway is divided in four stages:

  1. Botovo – Zagreb 90 km of the second gauge,
  2. Zagreb Interchange 65 km of new bypass railway,
  3. Zagreb – Rijeka 177.5 km of new railway
  4. Rijeka Interchange 50 km of the gauge.

Realisation model: Open negotiating options.

Developed documentation:

Physical planning documents:

  • Croatian Physical Planning Strategy and Programme.


  • Traffic Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia, 1999,
  • Investment Project Preliminary Feasibility Study,
  • Environmental Study of section Zagreb – Drežnica,
  • Tunnel Aerodynamics Study,
  • The 2011 Integrated Physical and Traffic Study of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the City of Rijeka.

Project documentation:

  • preliminary Construction Designs.

Department of investment development, preparation and implementation and EU funds
HŽ infrastruktura
Tel.: 01 378 3440

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