In the Old Town, Pul Vele Crikve Square, at the site where first Christian religious buildings of former settlement Tarsatica were discovered and archaeological remains of Roman baths, the Croatian Conservation Institute with support from the City of Rijeka carried out protective archaeological research.

Archaeological research was carried out through programmes aimed at protecting and conserving cultural heritage in the field of archaeology.

Interesting archaeological finds were discovered. Thus, during the research at the site where Jelačić Square and Užarska Street meet, the remains of ancient walls were found while in front of the building that hosts Croatia Records ancient baths were discovered. It proved that the baths were built in two phases during the 1st and the 4th century, and the remains of a hypocaust were also found – an underfloor heating system for premises and pools. Also some medieval finds were discovered which are assumed to belong to St Bernard’s church.

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