The former Augustinian Convent in Rijeka, nowadays the Dominican convent, is cultural and historical heritage of a significant value. The first known records date back to 1315, when Hugo II von Tybein (of Duino) founded the convent. The form of the convent was determined in 1543, and some of its parts are Gothic votive monuments. They include the chapel of Holy Trinity dated back to 1450 and the chapel of the Immaculate Conception built in 1485. Since 1961, the Dominican convent has been protected as cultural heritage.

At the beginning of 2000, the Agreement on Cultural and Business Cooperation between the Dominican convent in Rijeka and the City of Rijeka was signed, whereby establishing their common interest as regards the restoration of the Dominican convent and the opening of certain convent structures to the public: in order to present cultural heritage and maintain cultural programs. The proposed program has been implemented since 2003.

During 2011 protective works were carried out in the cloister (initiated in 2008). In 2012, a conceptual design of reconstruction was drawn up and the site development permit was obtained.

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