The City of Rijeka realises the installation of handrails and curb ramps in order to facilitate movement of people with disabilities.

At the beginning of project implementation, more than 40 requests were received, on average, every year. Over the years, the number fell to 10 – 15 requests annually at most, which proves that the accessibility problem is being resolved in a systematic manner. In the period from 2003 to 1 July 2014, at the initiative of the project “Let us eliminate the barriers”, 304 curb ramps were built for disabled people.

Furthermore, according to the priority list of the project task force “Let us eliminate the barriers”, the utility company Rijeka promet installed handrails on stairways, at entrances etc. 133 handrails were installed by June 2014, in order to facilitate movement of older people and people with reduced mobility.

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