Accessibility for the disabled in Rijeka and their social integration in this regard has been systematically increased ever since 1998, when the City of Rijeka was admitted to the European Healthy Cities Network.

Aiming to increase mobility and the social integration of people with disabilities in this regard, over the past years, the City of Rijeka carried out a number of activities, realising sidewalk disabled ramps, wheelchair ramps to access buildings, acoustic signals at crossroads, providing parking lots for disabled people and library services for blind and visually impaired people.

In February 2011, the mayor of Rijeka signed the Charter of Accessibility to public spaces for people with disabilities. By signing the Charter the city expresses its commitment to removing the existing spatial barriers and to promoting the accessibility of public spaces for people with disabilities and with systematic measures its readiness to support the creation of an environment  where public spaces, public services and communications will be, to a largest degree, accessible to all the citizens of Croatian cities.

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