The City of Rijeka respects the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities. A professional rehabilitation centre has been put into operation in Rijeka.


In accordance with the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities, on the occasion of employment, state bodies should give priority to a disabled person, under the same conditions.

In order to realise the right to priority, on the occasion of employment, people with disabilities, in addition to the application, i.e. a job offer in response to the competition or announcement, should make reference to this right and enclose all the evidence that they meet the required conditions, as well as an evidence of the determined disability status.

Professional Rehabilitation Centre Rijeka

The City of Rijeka and the Ministry of Labour and the Pension System have established the Professional Rehabilitation Centre Rijeka. Since 1 January 2019, the Centre has become a state institution.

The Centre offers professional rehabilitation services to people with disabilities residing in the territory of the city of Rijeka, the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County, the County of Lika – Senj and the Istrian County, and it operates at the address: Wenzelova 3/a, Rijeka.

A person with a disability obtains the right to professional rehabilitation when the body competent for providing expert opinion has determined his/her remaining working ability.

The activities of the Centre are as follows:

  • independent organisation and performance of professional rehabilitation services or in cooperation with secondary schools or another legal entity that meets the conditions required by the rehabilitation law;
  • participation in determining the remaining working and general abilities;
  • professional information, advice and estimates of professional abilities, issuing reports and opinions;
  • labour market analysis, employability, and employment;
  • estimate of the possibilities of implementing, developing and improving the professional qualification programme;
  • qualification, additional qualification, retraining and programmes for the maintenance and improvement of working and social skills in the period up to employment;
  • information and advice on learning and working assistive technology;
  • implementation of individual and group programmes to improve work and social inclusion in the community;
  • preparing advisory proposals on the application of learning and working technology and various techniques, with an estimate of possibilities of their implementation;
  • pre-professional learning, planning and implementation of chosen technology;
  • development of motivation and qualification of people with disabilities so that they can use chosen technology;
  • technical assistance, support, assessment of results;
  • informing and supporting sources of financing;
  • implementing the social inclusion programme;
  • implementation of the practical part of professional qualification during professional rehabilitation;
  • preparing special programmes for a certain target disadvantaged group in the labour market;
  • mediation on the occasion of employment of beneficiaries, as well as during and after professional rehabilitation.

Employing people with disabilities at the City of Rijeka

At the City of Rijeka, the number of employees is in accordance with the National Strategy whereby levelling off the possibilities for people with disabilities – meaning that it must employ 2 % of people with disabilities with respect to the total staff number, while it employs more than 5 % of people with disabilities.

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