Health services for people with disabilities

The health care programme of the City of Rijeka is aimed at preventing and controlling disabilities among citizens. In accordance with estimates made by the World Health Organisation, people with disabilities make up about 10% of the world population. Due to their specific needs in Rijeka, there are various health services dedicated to people with disabilities aimed both at preventing further health damages and maintaining the highest possible quality level of their lives.

Here below is a list with descriptions of various health services available for children with special needs and adults with disabilities.

Social services

Various social services that are available in Rijeka for people with disabilities and children with special needs include rehabilitation, i.e. psychosocial support and early interventions whereby encouraging the development of cognitive, functional, communication or social skills.

You will find here some of the social services dedicated to people with disabilities. You can get additional information if you directly contact  individual associations  that are devoted to children with special needs or disabled adults.

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