The Extended School and All-Day School Programmes represent an “upgrade” on the minimum state pedagogic standard for children attending lower elementary school grades (from grade 1 to grade 4).

The Extended School Programme allows pupils to stay in school before and after regular lessons, with organised meals and teaching and extracurricular activities.

The All-Day School Teaching is a specific form of this programme, envisaged as a combination of one teacher education and organised free time during at least eight hours a day (as a rule from 8:00 to 16:00 h).

The following are the goals of the programme activity and organisation of free time of the Extended and All-Day School Programmes:

  • enable children to live a life filled with various contents that will have a favourable impact on the development of their complete personality and individual and unique potentials;
  • enable children’s development as social beings – during all-day school programme or classes with permanent presence of social interaction which enables the development and improvement of their social skills;
  • prepare children for further education and life-long learning.

Every school year, on average 2,100 pupils are included in the Extended School and All-Day School Programmes in our city.

The programmes are co-financed by the budget of the City of Rijeka, while parents pay part of the price.


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