The City of Rijeka is the founder of 25 elementary schools out of 28 overall operating in Rijeka.

Elementary educations begins after enrolment in the first grade of elementary school, which is compulsory for all children, as a rule, from the age of six until the age of fifteen. It relates to all children having residence in the Republic of Croatia, irrespective of their citizenship.

In accordance with the provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, local self-government units provide in their budgets funds for financing transport of children who attend elementary school, material and financial expenses of schools that also include expenses of materials, parts and services relating to current and investment maintenance, as well as expenses relating to construction, additional construction and reconstruction of school premises and equipment of school institutions in line with the standards and criteria laid down by the Minister and in accordance with the state pedagogic standards.

Moreover, the City of Rijeka finances the salaries of the employees who work in the extended and full-day programmes of elementary schools, implementation of the programme “Moja Rijeka”, civic education in Rijeka schools, the programme of early learning of informatics, teaching assistants for children with difficulties, swim school, programmes dedicated to gifted children and many other projects implemented within elementary education in Rijeka.


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