Further to regular programmes, a number of additional projects and programmes are implemented in elementary schools in Rijeka.

More about the programmes and projects financed through the city budget.

The City of Rijeka takes care of pupils with developmental disabilities through its valuable project Teaching assistants as well as by co-financing school food and transport of pupils who attend the Education Centre.

In the city of Rijeka there is a model of help desks in place for children with disabilities. The help desks are offices that employ professionals and they operate at the elementary schools founded by the City of Rijeka and are available to pupils with disabilities who attend various schools in Rijeka and in its surroundings. For pupils with sensory and motor impairments who are integrated in regular school classes, an extended professional procedure is organised depending on the child’s level of disability. More information about the education of  children with developmental disabilities.

Moreover, the City of Rijeka supports  talented pupils in various ways.

Elementary schools also implement education programmes for members of  national minorities.


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