The Youth Home is a Rijeka based institution, which key activity consists of organising free time of elementary and secondary school pupils.

The Youth Home Institution has two buildings at its disposal – the building of the Youth Home in Rijeka and the castle which was converted into a rest centre for children in Ravna Gora.

Various activities and workshops (technical activities, artistic and creative activities, school activities) are organised for elementary and secondary school pupils in the building in Rijeka which also hosts its head offices.

The Youth Home gathers all interested children and young people, enticing them with quality and diverse programmes and introducing them in the world of technique, art and music with professional guides and modern equipment. In this way children at an age between elementary school and secondary school through different activities develop their potentials, research their interests, develop their creativity and creative intelligence and adopt new knowledge in an interesting way.

In the implementation of certain programmes the Youth Home engages external co-operators, general education teachers, teachers of various teaching subjects and renowned individuals in single areas.

The dance association  Ri dance  also operates in the premises of the Youth Home as well as the Pupils’ Association for mediation services provided to regular secondary school pupils on the occasion of employment.

In the premises of Stara Sušica Castle in Ravna Gora, multi-day children excursions are organised as well as winter and summer holiday programmes, School in the outdoors, and the Weekend programme. For every programme a professional animator is provided and all the excursions include a professional guide. The excursions are meaningful, educational, and special attention is paid to ecology and to getting to know the flora and fauna of Gorski kotar.

The Youth Home is a unique institution of its kind in the Republic of Croatia since it offers a very diverse programme in one place, organised and partly financed by local self government. The City of Rijeka supports financially the key activity of the Youth Home, while its programmes and projects are financed with their own resources.

Activities at the Youth Home:

Technical activities:

  • Informatics
  • Film and video section
  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Young innovators
  • Modellers
  • Astronomy

Artistic and creative activities:

  • Piano course
  • Guitar course
  • Music theory
  • Entertaining and musical section

Social and educational activities:

  • Debate club
  • Teslići
  • K.E.Š.

School activities:

  • First steps in traffic
  • Traffic safety
  • Cycling course
  • School crossing guards
  • Ecology workshop

School holyday activities:

  • Winter at Youth Home
  • Spring at Youth Home
  • Playful summer


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