Higher education can be acquired in Rijeka studying at University, University studies, Polytechnic or College.

The mission of the University is dedicated to bringing in strategic and development decisions relating to numerous questions about the functioning of the academic community and continuous encouragement of international competitiveness in all areas of scientific, artistic and professional activity. Through active cooperation with the economy and partnerships for community development, the university aims to contribute to social and cultural transition to a knowledge society. Its vision however envisages the entry of the University of Rijeka among 500 European universities, therefore it has committed itself to dynamic development that systematically and in an organised manner encourages the mobility and development of research careers and enables the expression of talents and entrepreneurial energy of every individual.

The key tasks of the Polytechnic is education of professionals oriented towards practice with the aim of independent application of professional and scientific methods specific for single educational areas that since its beginning has been directed towards a future profession.

The City of Rijeka, in addition to providing  accommodation conditions for modern studies, awards scholarships and approves loans to students through its programmes having various specific goals.

University studies

Polytechnic and College

Scholarships and loans

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