There are 21 secondary schools and 4 pupils’ hostels in Rijeka. The founder of the majority of secondary schools in Rijeka is the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County.

Secondary school institutions include secondary schools and pupils’ hostels.

The secondary education programmes are as follows:

  • programmes to acquire a lower secondary education level;
  • programmes to acquire secondary education;
  • qualification and training programmes.

Secondary schools, depending on their educational programme type, can be: grammar schools, vocational schools and art schools.

It is the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County that takes care about the secondary schools in Rijeka as their founder, while the City of Rijeka provides scholarships to secondary school pupils and various types of aid for pupils with disabilities, as well as, to pupils, children of Croatian defenders.

Financial aid for secondary school pupils and students – children of Croatian defenders, to purchase textbooks and school equipment

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