Six kindergartens, four elementary schools and one secondary school exist in Rijeka where lessons are held in Italian as the language of the Italian national minority. In addition, in some schools Czech, Macedonian, Albanian and Slovenian languages and culture are also fostered.


Within the entity “Dječji vrtić Rijeka”, in the following sections: Mirta, Zvonimir Cviić, Gabbiano, Topolino, Belveder and Gardelin, a regular daily programme is implemented in the Italian language for children who are members of the Italian national minority.

Elementary schools

At elementary schools founded by the City of Rijeka, members of national minorities are educated and trained under two models.

Under model A – lessons in the language and script of national minorities

  • At ES San Nicolo, ES Gelsi, ES Belvedere and ES Dolac lessons are held in the Italian language (lessons are also held in Croatian for pupils attending lower elementary school grades– teaching is provided by only one teacher)
    Under model A complete teaching is done in the language and script of the national minority with obligatory Croatian language lessons where the number of lessons equals the number of lessons taught in the language of the minority. Pupils have the right and obligation to learn additional subjects of relevance for the minority community.

Under model C – fostering of the language and culture

  • Elementary school Podmurvice – Czech language classes
  • Elementary school Centre – Macedonian language classes
  • Elementary school Nikola Tesla – Albanian language classes
  • Elementary school Pećine – Slovenian language classes
    Under model C lessons are held in Croatian with additional two to five lessons dedicated to fostering the language and culture of the national minority. The additional classes, up to five a week include language lessons, the literature of the national minority, geography, history, musical and visual arts.

Since 2012 at schools founded by the City of Rijeka a very popular programme has been taught, entitled  “ My Rijeka“ led by the idea of offering to our young fellow citizens a possibility to gain more knowledge about their own city and creating a positive emotional attitude among pupils towards their imminent surroundings. In 2013 the handbook was translated into Italian in order to provide an opportunity to children who attend Italian elementary schools to better get to know their city.

Already for many years the City of Rijeka has been providing funds for Roma teaching-assistants who help pupils belonging to the Roma national minority and their families in including and adopting the curriculum.

Secondary schools

Italian secondary school Rijeka


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