Through various programmes. the City of Rijeka for many years already has been supporting and encouraging the progress of gifted pupils and young people who are a creative potential of the city of Rijeka.

The City awards scholarships to gifted pupils and students and co-finances various programmes and projects in which successful students and young people take part, which fundamental goal is to encourage talents. It tries furthermore to create gradually a positive and favourable climate for supporting and developing interest among gifted children, who under optimum conditions may develop top skills. Also, the elementary schools of the City of Rijeka every year prove a high level in work with pupils of which many take part in national and international competitions, reviews and gatherings and achieve excellent results.

Preschool education

Part of kindergarten teachers employed with the entity ”Dječji vrtić Rijeka” were educated and sensibilised so that they may identify and work with potentially gifted children; assisted by parents and professional associates they endeavour to satisfy their daily special educational needs. The programmes are implemented on two levels. The first level represents the inclusion of children in a widened, enriched regular programme or the activity programme for smaller groups of children of the same or similar abilities, propensities and interest to organise special activities (projects, more demanding logical and didactic games, multimedia computer work and so on). The second form is a shorter, specialised programme for encouraging cognitive development of gifted preschool children at the children’s playroom BistRIći.

Elementary school pupils

The City of Rijeka through its programme of the so called general necessities in the school system co-finances programmes and projects in which successful pupils and young people take part and which fundamental goal is to encourage gifts.

Creativity school “Spring in Novigrad“

Programme “LIADO” – Atelier for art and research for gifted elementary school pupils

Programme “E-mathematics classroom” for gifted young mathematicians

In cooperation with the Centre for encouraging gift  and the Society of parents of gifted children “Lodur” the Department of Education and Schooling celebrates the Day of Gifted Children, aiming to sensitise the public on the need to introduce systematic care for gifted individuals, primarily in the education system.

Through the programme of public necessities in technical culture, the City of Rijeka supports  gifted children and young people through technical creativity:

To be knowledgeable, creative and more yourselves

Pupils of secondary schools and students

Ever since its establishment in 1993, the City of Rijeka has been awarding  scholarships  to gifted pupils attending third and forth grades of secondary schools and students with the aim of encouraging their abilities. The basic criterion for choosing scholarship recipients is gift – a set of characteristics and behaviours of a gifted individual who is enabled to achieve above-average results in one or several human activities.

Recognising achievements

The City of Rijeka pays much attention to various programmes dedicated to children and youth, and in particular it supports and encourages the progress of gifted pupils and youth who are a creative potential of the city of Rijeka. With the aim of supporting knowledge and excellence and emphasising gifted individuals, the City of Rijeka organises every year receptions for successful pupils and their mentors who achieve excellent results at intrastate competitions, reviews and gatherings and as well as for the elementary school pupils of the generation.

Recognising achievements reached by pupils and their mentors


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