The cultural and historical complexes of the Kozala and Trsat cemeteries have been registered with the Cultural Goods Registry due to a large number of high quality architectural and sculptural pieces on crypts and graves created by renowned architects and sculptors from Rijeka, as well as a large number of graves of persons of importance for Croatian history.

The renovation of grave sites is the obligation of their owners. In order to realise this goal, financial resources need to be provided, therefore the City of Rijeka co-finances the restoration of the grave sites of the Kozala and Trsat cemeteries to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of cemeteries as an essential part of Croatian and European cultural heritage.

With this activity, the City of Rijeka provides a possibility to all beneficiaries of grave spaces individually registered as cultural heritage and those located in the territory of the cultural and historical complexes of the Kozala and Trsat cemeteries, to take part in the Public Invitation and get the right to the co-financing of the programme implementation costs in a percentage as determined by the Bylaw on the application of funds collected on behalf of the monument annuity for the implementation of the Programme of Restoration and Renewal of the grave sites at the Kozala and Trsat cemeteries.

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