The key goal of this Service is to provide assistance to older people at home so that they may maintain the existing quality of life, namely to prolong to a maximum period of time their accommodation in social welfare institutions.

The employees of the Service, nurses and care assistants, help older, disabled and sick people at home, allowing them to stay in the surrounding that they are familiar with, which gives them a sense of security. This form of welfare has an exceptional importance for the quality of life of older people. The Home Assistance and Care Service operates as an extra-institutional form of the protection of older people at the Kantrida Nursing Home.

The Home Assistance and Care Service is implemented by means of:

  • assistance and care at home,
  • food for older people,
  • alarm system “Hello Assistance”,
  • transport of beneficiaries,
  • crisis center.

Home assistance and care include:

  • maintenance of personal hygiene,
  • cleaning of apartments,
  • purchase of groceries,
  • medical visits,
  • preparing hot meals,
  • washing and ironing of linen clothes, and
  • meeting other specific needs.

The City of Rijeka subsidizes the home assistance and care services for a part of socially disadvantaged citizens, while other citizens, in connection with this service, must directly contact the Kantrida Nursing House.

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