The third agers pay particular attention to health protection. In so doing, the City of Rijeka helps them by taking into account the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Although health problems often accompany the third agers, there is more and more evidence that people at this age have more physical and psychical energy than we can imagine. One of the goals of the City of Rijeka is to help them stay healthy for as long as possible.

Healthy lifestyles (movement, recreation, proper nutrition etc.) help them to preserve health and improve existing problems. Various programmes are available in Rijeka, dedicated, among others, also to the third agers, which are aimed at preserving health and quality of life.

Further information is available here below about the programmes and projects dedicated to older people, associations, institutions and individuals that organise them. The City of Rijeka provides funding and other forms of support, which are therefore partially or completely free of charge.

  • Pensioners’ Association of the city of Rijeka – pensioners’ clubs and subsidised meal services (lunch) for pensioners and recreation programmes
  • Retirement home “Kantrida” Rijeka – clubs for older people and subsidised assistance and homecare services
  • Doctor’s office of physical medicine and rehabilitation Mile Batinić, MD – exercises for improving psychical and physical health of middle aged and older people
  • University of Rijeka, Lifelong Learning Service – courses at the University of the Third Age.
  • The Faculty of Medicine, Rijeka – In addition to the programme With exercises and proper nutrition against diabetes and osteoporosis, it also promotes the projects Health Days and The drops of Life – measurement of blood sugar levels and blood pressure measurement
  • The City of Rijeka promotes the project called Rijeka public walks and the campaign Rijeka Mobility
  • Yoga in everyday life in Rijeka – project Yoga 50+ aimed at improving health, prevention and maintaining an optimum psychophysical condition of people over 50 within the project “Rijeka – Healthy City”, association Yoga in everday life Rijeka in the Culture Hall in the quarter of Pećine holds a yoga programme for older people.
  • City association of the Red Cross Rijeka – Health education at local boards.
  • In cooperation with many partners, the City of Rijeka has published various education Brochures about health and results of many research initiatives with the aim of improving our citizens’ health.

All the mentioned projects and programmes are available for the third agers in order to provide their psychosocial and health protection.



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